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6Connex is a virtual event platform that is suitable for businesses of all sizes hosting events including virtual trade shows, summits, job fairs and benefits fairs. The key features of the solution include HTML5 technology, enterprise-grade security, real-time reporting and analytics, social networking and attendee registration. Additionally, 6Connex offers live, simulive and on-demand broadcasting, screen sharing, whiteboarding, presentation resources, multilingual programs and gamification to share content with event attendees. It provides audience engagement tools such as feedback surveys, polls and Q&As to encourage interaction by attendees. The solution is scalable to support virtual events of any size and utilizes HTML5 for a complete cross-platform experience. 6Connex includes real-time event reporting and analytics for businesses to measure visitor interaction and lead generation. The software can also be used to create and host eLearning programs with custom learning paths, course activities, assignments, scored testing and knowledge quizzes.
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