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Hopstack is a user-friendly and intuitive warehouse automation software platform. It helps businesses eliminate human errors and improve efficiency by automating all or parts of the warehouse operations. The platform can be fully customized to unique business workflow and can be integrated with some of the most popular devices and robotics, hardware, ERPs, e-commerce platforms, marketplaces, carriers, and shipping software. Our proprietary AI helps warehouse managers make better business decisions across receiving, inventory, and order fulfillment operations. Hopstack helps businesses eliminate confusion and improve efficiency by providing production-level metrics from across the warehouse operations.
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Hopstack Reviews

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  • Industry: Warehousing
  • Company size: 11-50 Employees
  • Used Daily for 6-12 months
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Value for Money
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Reviewed on 04/10/2022

The Future of Prep Centers

Hopstack has been a joy to work with. They are attentive to their work and their customers and even our customers if there is any issue.

Most of their competition feels like you purchase the software and that is the end of story. Hopstack asks how can we make it better for you. They have all of these different modules that can be configured to fit your needs and ideal workflow. They constantly think of their customers, I cannot count how many times I will talk to my main point of contact [SENSITIVE CONTENT], and he will say, 'I was talking with ____ and we thought of a better way to do this, we put it development and should have it to you by next week.'


The pros are so vast I want you to read the whole thing. I want to share how easy this platform is to operate. My grandpa (78) grew up on a ranch and drove a truck for his entire life. At 78 he retired from driving and came to work for us. Training him took about 2 hours and he understood the platform after 1 day and operates without any technical issues. To put this in perspective he still doesn't know how to operate his iPhone that he has had since 2018.


The only con is Hopstack extensively tests every feature sometimes to the point the release of the feature is delayed, but it has always been worth the wait because of the functionality the new feature brings. The do not release beta versions and are always working out of the box.

Reasons for Choosing Hopstack

Our old system was comprised of mainly Google Sheets, a failed Logiwa and SKUVault experiment. Google sheets become very inaccurate rather quickly. There is a lot of data entry involved on the Google Sheets with limited functionality, visibility is poor, inventory Management is poor, with no scalability. If we wanted to grow we had to make a change.

Reasons for Switching to Hopstack

Their willingness to try the FBA market. We tried Logiwa, SkuVault, 3PL Central all advertising Amazon FBA connections all fell short. [SENSITIVE CONTENT] told me we will develop the connection and have it running in 2 months and tested and released in 3 months. We partnered with them in the beginning of April and the platform was launched July 2nd.

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