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Changeovers and incorrect inventory levels waste significant time and money and affect customer service. Phenix planning and scheduling software helps administrators use aligned product wheels to minimize waste and align production with the business’s customer service, cost and working capital goals. Phenix aligned product wheels extend traditional product wheels with two important capabilities including inventory design (considers supply chain variability and volume to balance service and working capital) and production design (aligns schedules to meet the business’s customer service, cost and working capital goals.) Phenix planning and scheduling software enable managers to use Aligned Product Wheels to improve customer service and minimize cost and working capital. It ensures the production sequence maximizes throughput and minimizes cost and cycle times balance the cost of changeovers and inventory. It also lets teams introduce a rhythm to stabilize production, optimize inventory levels for SKUs and align plant and business goals with intelligent schedules according to the supply chain disruptions.
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Phenix does not have a free version.

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A-La-Carte Package: Receive access to Phenix Wheel Designer and our a-la-carte services menu for up to 5 lines. An ideal option if you’re already an expert in Product Wheel design or prefer a self-guided experience. Full-Service Pilot: Our experts will work with you to implement Product Wheels on a subset of your lines to prove practical value without commitment. We’ll plan a low cost and low risk proof of concept to reduce risk and ensure value. Full-Service Rapid: Our team of experts will work with you to design Wheels all the way from VSM to managing roll-out. We’ll do a FREE value analysis to quantify the expected value and make sure you receive the value as quickly as possible.
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