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MediFusion is a fully integrated suite of software designed to offer innovative FREE Electronic Health Record (EHR) and medical billing solutions to healthcare practices to elevate their clinical, administrative as well as financial operations. MediFusion provides all-in-one medical services to healthcare professionals and practitioners everywhere in the United States. Their wide array of smart tools such as PatientSense, DocuHub, FusionEDI, and Provider Credentialing offers comprehensive solutions to help medical practices. MediFusion’s Provider Credentialing tool verifies the qualification details of all healthcare providers and medical practitioners to ensure the physicians are licensed and certified to care properly for the patients. Their services ensure patients not only connect with the right healthcare providers but allow practices to enhance their public image and get in touch with future patients. A healthcare technology company, MediFusion’s automated EHR and medical billing solutions provides extensive services to help practices streamline workflow, improve revenue and enhance the overall patient experience. Their smart care management functions as a single, cohesive EHR platform that is designed to assist medical practitioners and healthcare providers take their medical organization to the next level. MediFusion comes with a simple, secure, and safe document solution in the form of DocuHub. Their data storage solution is a HIPAA-certified tool that provides secure access to healthcare providers in managing patient EHR files wherever and whenever a need for them arises. All patient data, files, and billing details are easily shared, stored, and maintained to increase staff productivity. They know that no two practices are alike. MediFusion’s smart practice management platform provides integrated practice management solutions that are adaptive to all healthcare enterprises, big or small. Our integrated software is designed to take over various time-consuming tasks to ease the burden off of a practice’s workforce to promote significant improvement in staff productivity. They provide a patient-centric experience through our PatientSense software, which is a fast, intuitive patient engagement tool designed to streamline and improve patient interactions. From booking appointments, sending out timely payment reminder calls and emails to patients, answering inquiries to checking-in and post-encounter communication and billing, MediFusion’s patient engagement tool drastically reduces no-shows. Be it big or small, a single physician or a large medical practice, our services are a go-to solution for all types of healthcare entities as our innovative suite of software serves all healthcare systems across the medical spectrum. MediFusion aims to provide sound business solutions so healthcare professionals can tackle all regulatory challenges without any worry. Medifusion is consistently innovating our services to stay ahead of the global healthcare trends, which is a testament to the functionality and flexibility of their core solutions to ensure transformational change through technology.
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MediFusion has a free version and offers a free trial. MediFusion paid version starts at N/A.

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Our state of the art cloud based EHR is free of cost.
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