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Redmine is an open-source cloud-based project management solution based on the Ruby on Rails programming framework. It is a cross-platform and cross-database solution and allows users to manage multiple projects within the system. Administrators can allocate each user to have different roles on each project. The issue management system allows users to define the status of each issue and they can set the priority on a need basis. Users can set workflow transitions for each issue type and role. It has a document management system, which allows users to share files on the system. Users can collaborate with each other through its messaging platforms. Other features include Gantt charts, a calendar, time tracking functionality, feeds and email notifications and self-registration support. Redmine supports multiple databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL or SQLite. The solution has multiple LDAP authentication support. Customer Support is provided via forums and chat.
Redmine Software - Issue tracking
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Redmine pricing

Redmine offers a free trial. Redmine paid version starts at US$25.00.

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Redmine is a free & open-source. Redmine by Planio is a hosted version.
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