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Jesta I.S. is a leading developer and provider of integrated cloud software solutions for small-midsize emerging retailers and large legacy retailers migrating to the cloud. Jesta specializes in branded goods, fashion, apparel, footwear, hard goods and specialty industries. Jesta’s Vision Suite is a set of modern, scalable and agile business software solutions that integrate to form a robust ERP on a unified commerce platform. The Suite is comprised of Vision Sourcing & Demand for brand manufacturers and wholesalers (B2B), comprising of supply chain management, wholesale management and supply chain & wholesale management ERP. Vision Merchandising, Vision Store & Omnichannel for retail brands (B2C) and Vision Analytics. Each addresses a specific segment of the supply chain that spans from the beginning of product sourcing to direct-to-consumer delivery. The Vision Suite is cloud-based, browser agnostic and mobile-ready making the software accessible anywhere, anytime. The Vision Suite platform unifies and optimizes front-end, back-end and supply chain operations from Trade, Product, Demand and Warehouse Management to Merchandising, Point of Sale (POS) and Order Management (OMS) / OMNI. It eliminates the inefficiencies and inaccuracies of disjointed applications and provides real-time visibility of enterprise inventory, cross-channel orders and AI-driven CRM data. It supports multiple brands, countries, currencies, and languages. Jesta’s Vision POS & Omnichannel cloud solutions provide real-time, enterprise-wide inventory and omnichannel order visibility for seamless collaboration and maximum efficiency. The Order Management System (OMS) integrates with any ERP, Warehouse Management System (WMS) and Point-of-Sale (POS). It empowers businesses with configurable rules to optimize fulfillment from source to shopper via Distribution Center (DC), Dropshipping, DTC and more. • real-time, enterprise-wide inventory visibility for improved stock management • centralized customer and order data for faster and smarter order fulfillment • advanced privileges for CSRs so they can provide more meaningful and productive order and return management to omnichannel customers Jesta’s Vision Merchandising software analyzes historical sales performance, real-time enterprise-wide inventory data, demand and sales forecasts, store characteristics and user-defined rules to determine and automatically push the right merchandise to the right place at the right time. Jesta’s solutions ensure that optimum stock levels are maintained, and audit omnichannel transactions so ERP data integration is accurate, reports are reliable and product visibility is on point. • Increase sales, avoid excessive markdowns and equalize stock-to-sales ratios using intelligent inventory levels • Dynamic drill-down capabilities that enable visibility down to the class, subclass, style, sales & inventory levels • Manage entire product lifecycles anywhere at any time with interactive & media-rich tools Jesta's Supply Chain portfolio of solutions manages the entire product journey from concept to consumer. Vision Sourcing & Demand keeps brand manufacturers and wholesalers ahead of customer demand with a unified platform, allowing them to transform from disjointed entities into integrated and cost-competitive businesses. Gain greater control over customer orders, raw material procurement, full package purchasing, finished goods inventory management and optimal allocation of available merchandise. Increase end-to-end supply visibility, predict, prepare, and plan demand, to meet soaring consumer expectations while managing volatility, potential risks, and disruption. • identify issues before they arise and act with data-driven insights • reduce operation costs by effectively sourcing & managing multiple vendors (nearshore and offshore) • gain greater control of real-time inventory visibility, traceability, and accuracy • improve communication across global partner networks
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