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Trade Promotion Management Software

Vividly is a cloud-based trade promotion management software the provides consumer packaged goods brands the insight they need to effectively run operations. Featuring a web-based platform that integrates seamlessly with existing... Learn more

Checkmob is a mobile workforce management solution. It is designed for businesses that rely on mobile employees, contractors, and field service teams. The solution provides tools for managing distributed workforces. It offers a... Learn more

Promomash is the only all-in-one promotion management platform for growing CPG brands in retail. Designed for CPG brand founders and executives, Promomash breaks silos between sales, marketing and finance/accounting teams with... Learn more

Meet CPGvision: the best-in-class fully connected and integrated RGM solution suite for the CPG industry, built on the Salesforce platform. With the most advanced functionality in the industry, discover a solution that allows you... Learn more

Vistex is a cloud solution that helps businesses manage trade, channel and vendor programs, pricing, performance incentives, and rights & royalties. It integrates with various third-party ERP systems and automates B2B rebate... Learn more

When you are a broker or a bank finding a trading platform for your clients may become a great deal. Growing costs, low level of security, various professional infrastructure may disperse you from your main focus - earning... Learn more

Promoboxx is a marketing planning solution designed to help retailers create target-based content, run online campaigns and gain real-time data insights on various marketing attributes. It enables businesses to drive sales... Learn more

Datasembly provides competitive product data from every store across multiple retailers. The marketplace data collection and platform allow teams to obtain real-time pricing, promotions, and assortment insights. With the retail... Learn more

o9 is a cloud-based supply chain management solution that helps small to large enterprises improve demand planning processes using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. It lets businesses grant controlled account access to... Learn more

Cherry is a retargeting and marketing automation solution that enables businesses to streamline processes related to customer behavior tracking, personalized offer creation, customer segmentation, and conversion tracking using... Learn more

effie> is a SaaS service for the efficient sales and brand management in stores, where the customer makes a choice, and the product turns into a purchase. The effie> service is for CPG and Pharma companies, distributors,... Learn more

Designed for small to large businesses, QuartzSales is a cloud-based sales tracking tool that helps streamline retail execution processes on a centralized interface. The platform offers various key capabilities such as: Goals... Learn more

Plex DemandCaster Supply Chain Planning helps companies of all sizes and complexities to accurately forecast demand, optimize inventory, support sales & operations planning, and execute day-to-day operations. It replaces... Learn more

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Flintfox RMx is a pricing and rebate management platform that enables organizations to handle and manage complicated pricing rules, discounting structures, and omnichannel pressures on a centralized location. Businesses can... Learn more

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Margin Minder is built to empower consumer goods companies to drive a culture of continuous improvement. You can tie all your data into one comprehensive view of your business ensuring faster data so you know what you need to... Learn more

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