Kevel's APIs make it easy for engineers and PMs to quickly build and launch a fully-customized, server-side ad server. Kevel's APIs are the fastest way to build your own server-side ad server. With them, you can: -Launch a new... Learn more

AdButler is an ad server solution designed to help businesses manage, target and track advertisements in multiple formats. Agencies can add logos and Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) domains to customize the platform according to brand... Learn more

Taboola is a cloud-based content discovery and marketing platform that helps businesses of all sizes manage customers and website traffic. Designed for both Business to Business (B2B) and Business to Consumer (B2C) implementation,... Learn more

Setupad is tailored to empower publishers and website owners with the tools they need to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape. It includes the following components: - Prebid Self-Serve: The platform redefines header... Learn more

Bannerwise is a creative management platform that is mostly being used by medium to large advertisers and agencies. It enables them to easily build, scale and publish creatives. The solution provides the option to create custom... Learn more

Epom is an ad server platform that helps businesses manage advertisements across multiple channels and run marketing campaigns. The application enables marketers to access advertisement inventories, engage with target audiences,... Learn more

We live in an eCommerce first world. To win, brands need real-time access to the most valuable data, insights, and tools. MikMak Insights improves marketing effectiveness, drives market share over competitors, and strengthens a... Learn more

BrandMaster platform is designed with busy marketers in mind. Modular, flexible and packed with time-saving tools, apps and features to boost your brand. The relationship between a brand and its customers is one that relies on... Learn more

diDNA is a cloud-based enterprise ad management platform, designed to help enterprises of all sizes optimize ad inventory and enhance revenue generation by utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies.... Learn more

Storyteq’s Creative Automation platform enables creative and marketing teams in top brands to scale their creative production and activate on-brand, content-rich marketing campaigns swiftly across all channels. We empower you to... Learn more

Otterfish is a powerful and user-friendly tool aimed at streamlining the content creation and approval process. With its intuitive interface, content creators can easily upload their proposals and keep track of the approval... Learn more

AdSanity is an advertising engine for WordPress. It allows you to place ads within your content and across your website and generate reports to follow the success of your ad campaigns. AdSanity works with common WordPress tools... Learn more

SaaS header management tool for online publishing houses and online-ad monetization and yield optimisation teams. Focus on the core part of your business that brings money and use HeadBidder for mechanic ad management work that... Learn more

Choozle is a cloud-based digital marketing and advertising software which helps advertisers, marketers and publishers with a unified platform for all sales and campaign activities. It helps in building and launching real time... Learn more

Quartile is a leader in Amazon Advertising. Its PPC platform is powered by six patented artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies to automate your Amazon and other e-commerce marketplace advertising campaigns. Qua... Learn more

AdvertServe is a complete platform for web, mobile, e-mail and video ad serving. The system provides everything you need in one place including integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Google DoubleClick, etc. Businesses will also be... Learn more

Brid.TV is a premier online video platform, offering publishers and ad networks high-end video monetization solutions that generate revenue while maintaining total control over their content. Brid's premiere offering, the... Learn more

Spiny allows digital publishers to focus on creating content that is unique to their audience. You don't need to be data or advertising experts to run your business, Spiny handles all of this for you. Spiny provides live... Learn more

EXADS is an ad server solution featuring a huge range of ad formats. The platform is fully customisable with brand names, look & feel complete with a unique ad-serving domain. EXADS ad formats are optimised for desktop, mobile... Learn more is a self-service billboard advertising platform built for small businesses and agencies. It allows you to self-serve your billboard ads without having to worry about contracts, minimum spending, or hiring external... Learn more

Feathr is purpose-built to help you reach your target audience where they are and personalize your communications. Unlock new connections with Feathr's powerful suite of marketing tools, including audience retargeting, behavior-ba... Learn more

VP Player is an end-to-end video streaming solution empowered by AI, analytics, and identity management features with a special focus on increasing monetization, growing content consumption, and smooth content management. It is... Learn more

AdCritter is a cloud-based marketing solution that helps small to large enterprises manage programmatic advertising through targeted campaigns. Users can create location-based campaigns for specific demographic profiles/audience... Learn more

Evocalize is a marketing infrastructure as a service platform designed to help businesses streamline online marketing programs across Google and Facebook. Key features include cloud computing, performance monitoring, log access... Learn more

AdPushup is a revenue optimization platform that helps publishers increase their advertising revenue. AdPushup's technology combines a proprietary algorithm that takes into account the user context and real-time inventory... Learn more

Amazon DSP is a demand-side platform designed to help advertising agencies purchase video and audio ads and display them across Amazon websites and mobile applications. Administrators can gain visibility across audience engagement... Learn more


m19 is an AI-powered advertising technology that helps brands on Amazon. This tool is built around a user-friendly interface and machine learning algorithms that automate all manual operations. Through automated keyword... Learn more

PubWise is a SaaS application that helps businesses handle programmatic advertising, publishing and reporting operations. The application enables organizations to manage header bidding processes for multiple websites, conduct... Learn more

Readpeak is a DSP platform specialized in native advertising. The platform works with premium brands and publishers and delivers both quality and performance. Readpeak uses Omni-contextual targeting, a cookie-free but very... Learn more

Bannerflow is a cloud-based digital advertising solution that helps businesses design, schedule, optimize and publish advertisements across multiple channels and markets. It allows content creators to utilize a drag-and-drop... Learn more

Broadstreet is a cloud-based ad management platform that helps businesses, local/regional newspapers and publishers create and launch advertisements to streamline marketing operations. It comes with a built-in library of ad... Learn more

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For eCommerce, Media Publishers, Brands (automotive, luxury goods, banks, insurance, ITC & consumer electronics). Addrelevance increases by 10 to 50% online conversion rates, digital ads (CTR)/branded content, subscription, email... Learn more

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Zuuvi is a digital ads platform built for digital marketing teams and designers. It enables users to produce ads for display and social media. It can streamline the creation of an HTML5-banner package that is using up to 5... Learn more

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Aroscop is a customizable service platform for all your digital advertising needs. The futuristic technology enables marketing professionals to quickly reach their audiences. Users can select self-serve or managed services... Learn more

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Clickky is a marketing and ad optimization solution that helps organizations streamline user acquisition and advertisement monetization operations. It enables mobile advertisers and publishers to create, run and manage custom... Learn more

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