Lusha is a lead generation platform, which helps sales representatives, recruitment managers and marketers in businesses of all sizes find contact details of prospects to reach out and generate leads. The software allows managers... Learn more

Proofy is a cloud-based platform that helps businesses authenticate email addresses through various tools such as syntax verification, domain validation and more. Professionals can utilize the drag-and-drop interface to upload... Learn more

Snovio is a cloud-based outreach automation platform that enables businesses to streamline processes related to email prospecting, drip campaigning, lead generation and more. Professionals can use an email verifier to identify... Learn more

Klemail easily and accurately spot invalid, disposable and unwanted emails in your file or database. These email addresses are problematic for your email reputation. Cleaning your contact lists will allow you to reduce your... Learn more

If you are looking to run cold email campaigns fearlessly. You are at the right place. Adcrux is solving all the above problems, your account never gets blocked, Adcrux team keeps watching your IPs and domains to not get... Learn more


CUF is a data enrichment and lead generation platform that provides required data for businesses with accuracy and real-time verification. It offers an application programming interface (API). Learn more

Persona is an identity verification management solution for businesses ranging from startups to large enterprises who need help managing the balance between customer acquisition and fraud. This solution allows users to securely... Learn more

WinPure Email Verifier Pro is an online solution designed to help businesses in education, healthcare, banking, insurance and other sectors verify and validate email addresses in real-time. It enables employees to upload files in... Learn more

Mailtrap is a cloud-based email sandbox system that assists developers, quality analysts (QAs), and marketing agencies capture SMTP traffic from staging and development environments, automate test flows and scenarios and analyze... Learn more helps you find and verify the professional email addresses of individuals and companies on a bulk or one-by-one basis. Part of 500apps Infinity Suite, it helps you to save time and increase productivity. That’s not all,... Learn more

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Socure is the leading platform for digital identity verification and trust. Its predictive analytics platform applies artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques with trusted online/offline data intelligence from... Learn more

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Sealit solutions provide end-to-end encryption giving full data management to its users with email and file protection. Seamlessly implemented with communication & collaboration tools that you already use. Best for small... Learn more

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List Janitor is a windows-based software that improves email deliverability and responses by cleaning all wrong and inactive emails from email lists. Now manage or clean any email with your in-house desktop list cleaning or... Learn more

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Protect your sender reputation by identifying and eliminating invalid, fraudulent, aged-out and email typo traps. Validate Plus is the only multi-source email hygiene aggregator that delivers a near-perfect email list. We flag... Learn more

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