Miro is a cloud-based collaboration tool for small to midsize businesses. The solution features a digital whiteboard that can be used for research, ideation, building customer journeys and user story maps, wireframing and a range... Learn more

Ayoa is a project management solution that caters to businesses and institutions of all sizes across various industries such as education, food and beverage, graphics and animation, apparel and more. Key features include idea... Learn more

MURAL is a collaboration platform designed to help organizations capture and analyze ideas and create custom workflows to handle project management operations across teams. The platform includes scheduling capabilities, which... Learn more

ezTalks is a hybrid business VoIP solution that provides organizations across various industry verticals, functionalities for video conferencing, web conferencing, scheduling online meetings, screen sharing and more. ezTalks also... Learn more

Limnu is an online whiteboarding solution designed to help engineering and product design teams collaborate, brainstorm and visualize ideas in real-time. It enables managers to connect with remote team members through video... Learn more

Mykademy is a cloud-based LMS platform to manage all the training requirements of organisations. Our single-suite e-learning software will help track and manage learners' activities and progress to boost productivity. Businesses... Learn more

SQUEAKS is a Smart Factory digital communication and collaboration platform that helps teams better understand "what's important now" while at the same time more effectively solve problems that are creating line stoppages,... Learn more

Klaxoon is a visual communication toolkit geared towards the corporate sector and the English and French-speaking markets, in particular. It comes with a series of collaborative software tools for interactive workshops and... Learn more

Online Whiteboards have become a great collaboration solution but fall short when it comes to managing complex projects. That’s where Hoylu comes in! Our Adaptive Workspaces offer new ways for Construction crews, Engineering... Learn more

Thanks for taking a look at digstack.com. It is our mission to bring you the most effective and engaging team collaboration tool. Our smart digital whiteboard can suggest how to get the most value from each other. We believe... Learn more

IPEVO Annotator is an interactive whiteboard software designed to help educational institutions draw and annotate on images projected on a screen using various tools, such as spotlight, magnifying lens, ruler, protractor and... Learn more

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Whiteboard Fox is a web-based solution designed to help businesses and educational institutes use a virtual whiteboard in real-time. Hosts can control user access on the whiteboard, setting up restrictions to view or edit... Learn more

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Witeboard is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses collaborate on tasks by sharing the whiteboard URL link with teams, partners and internal stakeholders. It enables users to utilize keyboard shortcuts to draw shapes or... Learn more

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TASKBOSS enables businesses to design projects in a visual project plan according to the WBS principle and move tasks and sub-projects on the project plan and assign them to freely creatable phases and branches of your projects.... Learn more

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Draft was created for teams to think collectively and work collaboratively in the digital environment—and overcome the challenges of turning ideas into meaningful action. Draft’s‘visual document universe’ enables teams to... Learn more

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Epic Pen is a whiteboard software designed to help businesses draw, write and highlight across multiple screens in real-time. The platform enables administrators to annotate teaching materials using interactive whiteboards. Graph... Learn more

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Lekh Board is an intelligent collaborative whiteboard. It is good for cross-platform, easily recognizes shapes, and is user-friendly. It can be exported and shared - for use as a collaboration tool. Learn more

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