Global-Z verifies global postal addresses for 240+ countries. Every country's address format is unique, and correctly typing a global postal address is difficult. Data capture errors result in the mail or package delivery... Learn more


Lob is a cloud-based mailing and print solution for omni-channel marketing. It offers features such as activity dashboards, invoicing, reports, automatic triggers, delivery tracking and more. Lob helps users send consistent and... Learn more

With an unblemished track record of cutting the overall TAT by up to 80%, iBridge is a flagship background verification software used by 1500+ enterprises and small and medium-sized businesses. With its straightforward screening... Learn more

Loqate is an address verification platform that captures and validates addresses for eCommerce businesses. Some of its main features include address autocomplete, international data, fuzzy error prevention, and user location... Learn more

A cybersecurity business called Gataca offers decentralized digital identification technology. Generate and digitally sign identity credentials in a defined format to issue verified credentials. Create customizable verification... Learn more

AddressZen provides an Address Lookup solution that captures and verifies an address at point of entry, which is normally implemented on a form. Eliminate friction at checkout and save customers time and stress with fewer... Learn more

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Kycaid is a one-stop-shop compliance platform that is aimed to help businesses of all sizes and industries reduce risks, enhance customer interaction and simplify many business processes through holistic KYC&AML services. Kycaid... Learn more

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DataMatch is an on-premise data cleansing software for small, midsized and large enterprises. It caters to organizations in the marketing, retail, information technology, financial services and education industries. Primary... Learn more

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