WebHR is a cloud-based human resource management solution that helps organizations manage their employees' employment lifecycle, from the time they were hired to retirement. The solution merges functionalities provided by human... Learn more

Frase helps you research, write, and optimize high-quality SEO content in minutes instead of hours. It lets staff members utilize autocomplete options and AI templates to generate blog introductions, FAQs, headings, and more. Learn more

Oorwin: AI powered Talent Intelligence that combines sourcing, recruiting, hiring and onboarding with integrated talent management. AI enabled recruitment boosts internal or external recruiter productivity and effectiveness,... Learn more

Coosto is a content and social media marketing solution designed to help businesses schedule, create, optimize, publish, track, analyze and manage content across multiple channels. Organizations can discover blogs, articles or... Learn more

CrawlQ is an artificial intelligence software that helps businesses conduct market research and access search or social web data to gain insights into customer needs, behavior, and requirements from within a unified platform. It... Learn more

Lucy is a cloud-based order processing solution designed to help small to large businesses analyze, capture and create sales orders. Features include notifications, self-service mapping, event log, SSO authentication and timeline... Learn more

Daxtra is a resume parser and recruitment automation solution that seamlessly integrates with your CRM/ATS and helps businesses find relevant information quickly and intuitively, from all your in-house and online recruitment... Learn more

Acobot is a cloud-based conversational AI platform that offers intelligent chatbots for e-commerce and online retailers to help boost online sales. In addition to AI, Acobot offers e-commerce capabilities to help grow and power... Learn more

genei is an AI-powered summarisation and research tool that enables users to extract key insights and information from any webpage, PDF or document. The platform also includes cloud-based notes and annotations and document... Learn more