Wellable is an employee wellness solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to personal wellness assessment, event verification, incentive program management, and more from within a unified platform. It allows... Learn more

YuMuuv is a team wellness challenge app that lets users get started with their next challenge with ease. The solution was specifically developed for improving employee engagement and providing ways to energize large groups of... Learn more

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High turnover, low engagement, and dwindling productivity are common workplace woes. Sprout is a leading digital health and wellness platform that helps companies overcome these challenges by inspiring workplace wellness.... Learn more

Nectar is a people platform that bundles social recognition, rewards, employee discounts & swag management to create connection and appreciation across your organization. With Nectar, employees and managers can publicly recognize... Learn more

The complete Virtuagym software accommodates various fitness features, such as a nutrition app, a workout app, a membership management platform with a recurring billing system for each client, a custom business portal displaying... Learn more

Cooleaf is a diversity, equity & inclusion software designed to help businesses monitor and manage employee engagement, recognition and rewards. Key features include employee recognition, pulse surveys, employee rewards, staff... Learn more

Woliba is a cloud-based corporate wellness solution that helps organizations manage employee engagement, recognition and wellbeing on a unified portal. The platform enables businesses to schedule events, check guest list rosters,... Learn more

GoVida is an employee wellness solution that enables companies to digitise and deliver a proactive wellbeing strategy. The platform includes: activity tracking, mental wellbeing programmes, lifestyle programmes, individual and... Learn more

Vantage Fit is a comprehensive web-based health and wellness platform with an app, available on both iOS and Android. Designed to provide your employees, who are leading busy lives and have growing health concerns, an easy way to... Learn more

Zingtree Agent Scripting is a cloud-based call center scripting solution for call centers in all industries. Users can create, deploy and analyze agent scripts. Scripts can be created using a visual designer or copied from an... Learn more

TeamMood helps employees improve their well-being and employee engagement through targeted exercises and real-time analytics. Employees can share feedback, track their progress toward goals and have discussions with other... Learn more

ThrivePass is a benefits administration solution, which assists businesses with employee enrollments, reimbursements, pre-tax accounts, health plans and more. Organizations can set up budgets and funding frequency to one-time,... Learn more

YuLife is a cloud-based corporate wellness solution that offers employee insurance, benefits, and rewards. It provides a mobile app with various features designed to promote employee well-being and motivation. The app also... Learn more

Wellbees is an all-in-one organizational well-being solution to elevating employee well-being and creating teams that thrive. With Wellbees, managers can take on eight essential aspects of wellbeing proven to trigger personal... Learn more

Trainingym is a leading gym management software that offers a wide range of benefits for fitness businesses. With its advanced technology and comprehensive features, Trainingym helps gyms streamline operations, improve efficiency,... Learn more

Fitbit is a cloud-based fitness tracker application that helps businesses in IT, mining, non-profit, education, healthcare, manufacturing, and other industries manage corporate wellness programs. Individuals can utilize the... Learn more

Blueboard is an employee rewards and recognition software designed to help businesses incentivize top talent through experiential rewards to promote long-term behavioral change and drive referral volume. Key features include... Learn more

MyLifeWell helps companies implement company-wide wellness programs with ease. They offer a suite of solutions that allow employees to customize individual wellness goals, track meals, follow workout regimes, and more. The... Learn more

Juno is an employee wellbeing platform that empowers your people by enabling them to live healthier, happier lives. With Juno, your team can choose how they take care of themselves with thousands of globally accessible products... Learn more

inKin includes a customer database where users can store information about customers and their preferences and offers a way to create automated emails based on specific triggers. Its analytics dashboard helps users gain... Learn more

Swile is a worktech launched in 2018 by its founder and CEO Loïc Soubeyrand (also co-founder and ex-CEO of Teads, sold to Altice in 2017). In just four years, Swile has raised several rounds of funding - nearly €300 million -... Learn more

Motionsoft Gym Software is a cloud-based fitness, payment processing and revenue management software for fitness industry professionals. It helps in planning a better member engagement strategy and efficiency in operations with... Learn more

Snowfly is an employee engagement solution that helps businesses streamline employee recognition and satisfaction operations through incentives, rewards and gamification capabilities. It allows managers to monitor employees’... Learn more

CoreHealth's wellness management software powers health and wellness programs for large to medium employer enterprises, corporate wellness companies, insurers, health coaching companies, employee assistance providers, group... Learn more

TeamSense is an attendance management and employee communication tool built for an hourly workforce. It is a mobile-ready platform that engages hourly teams through text messages. TeamSense enhances the hourly worker's experience... Learn more

Javelo is a solution to make performance management easier. Manage your team’s ongoing conversations and continuous feedback with a simple, easy-to-use interface. Easily conduct 360 or individual reviews to uncover employee... Learn more

Trusted by industry-leading global brands, The Achievers Employee Experience Platform combines Achievers Recognize & Rewards Marketplace, an employee recognition and rewards solution, with Achievers Listen, an end-to-end employee... Learn more

Hoppier drives virtual event engagement by allowing event planners to issue smart digital Visa cards for attendees to spend freely on event perks they actually want, such as food, drinks, and rewards. All funds are either... Learn more

Goodworld is a social impact platform for companies and nonprofits. Launch, manage, and measure your fundraising with easy to use tools for leading nonprofits. Designed to supercharge corporate partnerships Your social... Learn more

BurnAlong helps people - ranging from new mothers, to children, to seniors, and everyone in between - achieve their physical, financial, mental health, and wellness goals. BurnAlong is a holistic health, wellness, and fitness... Learn more

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Culture and performance in the new workplace will be created through shared experiences not shared environments. PepTalk's gamified action platform delivers this. The result is a higher discretionary effort because of team... Learn more

Get a branded app for your health and employee motivation. Combine health benefits with active climate and environmental protection. Start team competitions Changer's CO2 fit app rewards your employees for participating in... Learn more

Fiizio is a cloud-based platform that allows medical organizations to handle and streamline clinical operations with features, such as exercise programs, client/patient management, messaging, built-in telehealth, cash revenue... Learn more