Sumsub is an all-in-one technical and legal toolkit for KYC/AML needs. The company provides a web-based platform for converting customers, speeding up verification, reducing costs and detecting digital fraud. Sumsub’s global... Learn more

Alessa is an anti-money laundering (AML) compliance software that helps businesses in banking, finance, insurance, retail and other industries streamline operations related to due diligence, sanctions screening and transaction... Learn more

Pipl is an identity management software that helps investigators and fraud analysts gain visibility into current and historical information regarding specific individuals. The search functionality allows law enforcement,... Learn more

Designed specifically for financial institutions such as banks and lenders, Ondato provides identity verification and authentication tools, as well as compliance management features. The cloud-based platform is based on the KYC... Learn more

MetaMap is an authentication software designed to help businesses perform facial recognition testing, verify identity documents and automate compliance procedures. The platform enables managers to build scalable know-your-customer... Learn more

GetID is a KYC and identity verification solution that helps businesses across finance, healthcare, banking, telecom and various other industries streamline the customer onboarding process, ease the adherence to regulatory... Learn more

KROTON is an AI-based Anti-Money-Laundering system. KROTON Software product suite is currently processing over 50 million transactions a day, generating over 50.000 SARs with 98.4% true-positive rates.KROTON's alert suppression... Learn more

Alloy is the Identity Decisioning Platform that helps banks and fintech companies automate their decisions, approve more customers and detect and handle fraudulent activities. Alloy is the Identity Decisioning Platform that helps... Learn more

A.ID - is a 360° one-stop smart compliance engine for all tools in one place: KYC / AML / CDD / Form Builder / Transaction Monitoring / Reporting and much more. It offers various features such as biometric verification, transactio... Learn more

Smarsh is a comprehensive and user-friendly compliance platform. Inclusive of capture, archive, supervision and data export capabilities across 100+ communication channels, the Smarsh platform delivers unparalleled efficiency at... Learn more

Quanto® is a software in the cloud that allows financial institutions to automate their processes, improve their productivity and achieve their strategic objectives. It allows to operate a wide range of financial products such as... Learn more


FAD is a digital signature solution designed to help businesses sign and validate documents using mobile devices. It secures the transfer of information across systems using Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocols. FAD enables... Learn more

TruNarrative is a cloud-based platform for fraud detection, identity verification, eKYC, AML compliance, and account monitoring. It is best suited for midsize to large banks and lenders looking to streamline digital transformation... Learn more

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Fraudio is fraud detection and prevention software, using a patented, centralized solution to connect datasets from all customers into an AI super-model resulting in 40% more effective fraud detection and is 15x more effective... Learn more

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Prove ID is an end-to-end ID verification & management tool for online businesses. It enables remote parties to authenticate each other with a customizable verification process. The platform brings a performance-based approach to... Learn more

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Cognito Flow makes it easy to verify your customers' identities, around the world, seamlessly. Stay compliant with KYC and AML regulations, or use Cognito to improve trust and safety on your platform. Cognito makes it easy to... Learn more

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Choosing the right software is not only a difficult one to make, but it can be easy to get overwhelmed with the extensive amounts of solutions available to choose from. Personalized guidance to help you find the best solution for... Learn more

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APLYiD is an identification solution that helps businesses with verifying customer identity, running background and credit checks, and preventing fraud. The main features of APLYiD include facial recognition, watchlist checks,... Learn more

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Mako Fintech is taking the wealth management industry by storm with digital solutions for dramatically improved efficiency. By taking administrative burdens out of wealth management, it promises to transform client experience,... Learn more

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Designed for law enforcement agencies, government organizations, banks and businesses in the finance industry, it helps detect suspicious and illicit activities across cryptocurrency transactions. Learn more

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Finchecker is a simple-to-use anti-money laundering (AML) and compliance solution that can be easily tailored to fit all your specific business processes. We offer a highly adjustable web-based version or API for full automation. Learn more

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