emBlue is a marketing automation platform designed to help businesses engage and communicate with clients through SMS, emails, push notifications. Key features include content management, audience segmentation, reporting, lead... Learn more

AdRoll is marketing automation and display advertising platform that helps eCommerce businesses create and optimize personalized advertisements across multiple platforms and devices. It enables employees to map customer journeys,... Learn more

FROGED was designed with your growth in mind. This means you are in the driver seat from your customer success and product teams to your marketing touch points. Our focus is on the entire customer journey from Onboarding and... Learn more

Kevel's APIs make it easy for engineers and PMs to quickly build and launch a fully-customized, server-side ad server. Kevel's APIs are the fastest way to build your own server-side ad server. With them, you can: -Launch a new... Learn more

Finding the right partner is no easy feat. But doing so is crucial for delivering performance, and ultimately driving profitable sales for you. So why should you choose Criteo? • Criteo has one of the world’s largest sets of... Learn more

Cybba Email Remarketing is a cloud-based solution designed to help online businesses recover abandoning customers by rebuilding shopping carts and sending personalized emails. Key features include mailing list management,... Learn more

lc.cx is an URL Shortener management platform for Marketers and growths hacker to manage all links, short links, pixel retargeting, QR code and helps link page for social networks. Users can generate short links with a custom... Learn more

SpotIn is a WiFi marketing solution, which enables businesses to facilitate engagement with clients using email campaigns and guest WiFi. Supervisors can gain insights into to the number of subscribed, unsubscribed, delivered,... Learn more

With the power of AI, the groundbreaking SaaS programme ADXL is ready to revolutionise digital marketing. One of the top AI digital marketing solutions currently available, ADXL has gained the trust of international marketers... Learn more

Feathr is purpose-built to help you reach your target audience where they are and personalize your communications. Unlock new connections with Feathr's powerful suite of marketing tools, including audience retargeting, behavior-ba... Learn more

RevX is a cloud-based re-engaging programmatic advertising solution for businesses of all sizes. It offers features such as targeted ads, user analytics, user engagement and more. RevX improves the conversion rate and ROI of your... Learn more

For eCommerce, Media Publishers, Brands (automotive, luxury goods, banks, insurance, ITC & consumer electronics). Addrelevance increases by 10 to 50% online conversion rates, digital ads (CTR)/branded content, subscription, email... Learn more

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Cloudi-Fi is a guest Wi-Fi management software designed to help businesses in the healthcare, retail, hospitality, transportation and education sectors provide internet access to customers and manage marketing campaigns. The... Learn more

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Ve Software is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses analyze customers’ behavior and provide targeted shopping recommendations. Professionals can automatically respond to clients’ frequent queries and maintain a record of... Learn more

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Unboxing is a customer loyalty and retargeting solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to audience targetting, personalization, campaign tracking, and more on a centralized platform. It lets staff members... Learn more

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CIENCE GO Show uses tracking pixel technology to generate a detailed profile of all your website visitors. Through our visual ID system, you’ll be able to identify the anonymous traffic happening live on your landing pages and... Learn more

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Aument takes on data analysis and audience segmentation, and tailors strategies backstage, so that busy ecommerce leaders can simply sit back and watch sales rise, engagement improve, and their revenue skyrocket. Shoppers expect... Learn more

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Amanda AI is a cloud-based autonomous assistant for digital advertising needs. Designed to create and optimize businesses' digital ads, it works across platforms like Google, Meta, and Bing, making up to 5 million daily optimizati... Learn more

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