Extole is a customer acquisition and referral software that helps businesses connect with their customers and employees to optimize revenue. Organizations can assign moderators to manage campaigns, customer communication, and... Learn more

InGo is a referral marketing platform that helps companies generate leads. Users can set up campaigns to boost the buzz around their event, content, white paper, etc. Their audience can connect, see who attends or who saw their... Learn more

Umanest is the loyalty and reputation toolkit for property managers. Users can automate feedback collection from landlords and tenants for retention, online reviews and referral generation. Administrators can receive notifications... Learn more

Touchpoint CX is a cloud-based customer experience (CX) management platform that consolidates voice of customer (VoC) feedback data in a unified dashboard. It provides an interactive resolution system and analytics reporting... Learn more

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Platform One offers software and services that make understanding human experience simpler than before. You can collect information, understand it, develop improvements, and put them into action all in one location without... Learn more

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