Weglot is a translation platform that helps you translate your website into multiple languages. It works with all major CMS platforms, including WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. It also supports many different programming languages,... Learn more

Sonix is a web-based solution that allows businesses to transcribe audio and video files. The fully automated software is able to transcribe 30 minutes of audio or video in approximately 3-4 minutes, for industries that require... Learn more

Tolgee is an open-source translation management software that integrates in less than one minute. It is the only tool businesses need to translate their web-based project into any language they wish. Simple in-context editing... Learn more

Glotio is a machine translation tool specialised in PrestaShop and soon for Woocommerce and Shopify and translations are completed automatically without importing or exporting texts. Users can create their own translation rules... Learn more

Appen is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled solution that helps businesses across automotive, retail, healthcare and other industries streamline data extraction and natural language processing (NLP) operations. It enables... Learn more

Nitro is a professional online human translation platform with API access created by Alconost for quick accurate translations into 70+ languages. Nitro ensures translation of JSON, .strings files, Google Docs , Google Sheets, or... Learn more

Writer (formerly Qordoba) is an AI writing assistant tool for businesses. Its content style guide platform is driven by natural language processing, which enables you to customize writing guidelines to your unique brand and helps... Learn more

EoleCC is a subtitling platform that helps businesses create subtitles in multiple languages using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. Users can upload video or audio, access transcription and translation capabilities by AI... Learn more

Unbabel is an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered solution to provide customer support, enabling businesses to interact with clients in multiple languages. It combines machine translation with human insight and natural language... Learn more

Verbis is your Translation management system inside Salesforce. When you Power up your Salesforce org with a layer of translation intelligence you can: Collaborate with your translators inside Salesforce. Have a salesforce chat... Learn more

Verbit is a closed captioning solution, which helps legal professionals and businesses in media, education and other industries leverage artificial intelligence (AI) technology to generate audio and text transcripts for hearings,... Learn more

Our AI technology takes images of faces and turns them into high-quality, photorealistic videos. At the click of a button, it can combine images with audio or text to give them expression and speech. Reduce the cost and hassle... Learn more