Presults is an email archiving platform that helps businesses with social media, website, and SMS/text archiving. Teams can leverage artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology to analyze communication... Learn more

Escala is a customer relationship management marketing automation solution that allows businesses to streamline advertising efforts. Users can create and edit professional emails using a drag-and-drop interface and templates.... Learn more

Onna is a platform for real-time search across multiple repositories that aids in eDiscovery and finding high-value items across legal departments. It offers collaboration, document sharing, reporting, compliance management and... Learn more

Smarsh is a comprehensive and user-friendly compliance platform. Inclusive of capture, archive, supervision and data export capabilities across 100+ communication channels, the Smarsh platform delivers unparalleled efficiency at... Learn more

MailArchiva is an email archiving, e-discovery, compliance, and forensics platform that assists in the retention, organization, and mining of email data. MailArchiva ensures that emails are preserved over time and helps manage... Learn more

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iQ.Suite aaS is a comprehensive email management solution that provides enterprises using Microsoft 365 with email security capabilities. Designed to ensure email communications within an organization are secure, this solution... Learn more

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MailGuard is a leading email security service that protects businesses against email-borne cyber threats, including phishing attacks, ransomware, business email compromise (BEC) and other malicious content. The platform leverages... Learn more

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