Edsby® is an award-winning, next generation K-12 learning management system (LMS) with the broadest set of capabilities available in a single application made just for the specific needs of K-12 students, educators and parents.... Learn more


SCL is a School Management System for Teachers, Parents, Students and School Administrators. It’s an enterprise mobile app for the K-12, British, IB and National curricula education industry that enhances parental and student... Learn more

Chalk is a cloud-based software that helps small businesses manage their operations. It is deployed through the web browser, and it is compatible with most operating systems and browsers. Chalk provides reports that you can use... Learn more

By empowering students to learn by teaching through peer assessment, Kritik improves student engagement in all courses and class sizes. With Kritik, professors can focus their efforts on delivering meaningful feedback to their... Learn more

Fedena is a cloud-based school management solution from Foradian Technologies, featuring multiple modules for managing student data, schedules, grades, messaging, human resources, finances, and more. The solution’s dashboard can... Learn more

SEDUCA is a web-based Educational Management Platform ( K-12 LMS ), that can manage all the processes of the different areas of the school, both academic and administrative, from one place, involving all members of the school... Learn more

Idée Digital Student Management System (dSMS) is a cloud-based school management solution that helps schools, colleges, coaching classes and learning centers to automate administrative operations and academic activities. Key... Learn more

With over 15 million users worldwide, EduWave is a cloud-based e-learning suite that provides K-12 organizations, universities, and educational administrators with learning management systems (LMS), student information systems... Learn more

Idukay is a web-based community platform, available in Spanish, for K-12 schools and parents in Ecuador. It is designed to improve communication and digitize administrative processes such as curriculum planning, student management... Learn more

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The importance of the SHAMS system lies in meeting the requirements of all parties, starting from the school administration and teachers, to the students and their families. It allows teams to manage schools from registering and... Learn more

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Redink is an Award-Winning Classroom Management app designed for new generation teachers and institutions that helps them save time on manual tasks, identify students' learning gaps easily, and at the same time improve students'... Learn more

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Ecole Fute is an all-in-one solution for managing academic records, which includes account management, tuition payment, and reporting. Ecole Fute is a cloud-based software that offers a variety of modules and features, which... Learn more

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Valai school Management Software Being used by 50000+ users since 2010. Core Modules: 1. Fee Management : Monthly / Quarterly / Yearly / Adhoc payments / Payment Gateway 2. Timesheet Management ( multiple staff / multiple class... Learn more

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Magtems is a cloud-based school management system designed for teachers, principals, regional heads and school. It offers full on-boarding support and a smooth transition with an expert onboarding support team and data integration... Learn more

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