Liberty Software is a pharmacy management solution that offers an integrated workflow, inventory management, task management and document management within a suite. Liberty Software is primarily designed for independent, small... Learn more

PrimeRx by Micro Merchant Systems is a hybrid pharmacy management solution designed for independent retail pharmacies, drug store chains, long-term care facilities, physician offices and more. The solution can either be deployed... Learn more

WinRx is an on-premise pharmacy management solution designed for the independent pharmacy environment. Features include adherence monitoring, medication therapy management, inventory management, claim reconciliation and more. Wi... Learn more

ECP eMAR is an electronic Medication Administration Record solution, which enables daycare centers, assisted living facilities and pharmacies to streamline risk mitigation, document follow-ups and medical charting, among other... Learn more


FDS is a cloud-based solution that lets pharmacies across healthcare centers and communities manage prescriptions, claims, compliance, health and wellness programs, medication adherence and more. It includes a claims reconciliatio... Learn more

Medeil is a unique pharmacy software designed to address independent pharmacy, chain of pharmacies and hospital pharmacies; even more, it supports standalone, cloud, and mobile versions of pharmacy management system. It is mainly... Learn more

ZibMEDS is a cloud-based software designed to help pharma companies manage customers' orders and streamline administrative operations on a centralized platform. The white-labeled platform enables pharmacists to receive uploaded... Learn more

Alfa POS is a POS software designed to help retail and distribution businesses manage and streamline daily sales, purchasing, inventory, finances and customer management. The integrated application offers financial tools, such as... Learn more

BestRx is a cloud-based pharmacy management solution that helps businesses handle prescription management, inventory tracking and other administrative processes on a centralized platform. Professionals can conduct audits,... Learn more

340B Optimizer is a cloud-based drug pricing solution that provides split-billing and contract pharmacy applications to 340B pharmacies. Key features include distributor order management, a virtual inventory module and tools for... Learn more

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Vizient is a hospital management solution that helps businesses in the healthcare industry streamline clinical, analytics, vaccination and supply chain operations. It enables medical professionals to automate billing, regulatory... Learn more

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Amplicare is a pharmacy software designed to help businesses in the healthcare industry automate processes related to patient care. It delivers plan comparisons by allowing pharmacists to analyze plan information and pharmacy and... Learn more

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