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Reference Check Software

RefNow is a cloud-based reference-checking platform that simplifies the recruitment process for organizations of all sizes. With its Talent Pool feature, RefNow enables users to find and attract passive candidates while... Learn more

Checkr is an AI-powered staffing and background screening solution. This solution enables employers to perform background checks, while reducing complexity, mitigating risks, and increasing productivity within the hiring process.... Learn more

Zinc is an automated background check solution that serves human resource departments and staffing agencies. It offers a variety of features that streamline the background check process. The platform also conducts compliant... Learn more

Xref is an online platform for recruiters and HR departments that performs automated candidate reference checks. Key features include criminal background checks, employment and skills qualification checks, visa entitlements,... Learn more

Certn is a comprehensive background check provider that uses smart technology and a dedicated customer service team to deliver results in a matter of minutes. With Certn's online portal, employers, talent acquisition teams,... Learn more

Snaphunt is a global remote hiring platform that helps fast-growing companies find, engage & hire the world's best remote talent. Snaphunt provides employers with access to targeted talent based on their specific requirements... Learn more

HiPeople keeps your hiring data-driven, on point, and on time. Unlock your team’s best hiring capabilities and improve your quality of hire with rich talent insights on your candidates. Know who to hire before you hire, discover... Learn more

Vitay offers tech-enabled reference checking services to recruiting and HR teams in various industries. This solution intends to help employers efficiently screen candidates as well as increase employee retention. By automating... Learn more

Crosschq is a cloud-based reference management software that helps businesses manage the screening, hiring and onboarding of applicants via a unified portal. The platform's built-in talent acquisition tool allows users to gather... Learn more

Workwolf® is your ultimate hiring partner, dedicated to helping you build high-performing teams that drive profits and ensure peace of mind. Say goodbye to hiring headaches and wasted time on the wrong candidates. Workwolf's... Learn more

Job boards, candidate journeys applicant tracking and vetting all in one The AXLR8 ATS is highly functional out-of-the-box. It is quick to implement. Yet you, with training and the support of our consultants may change and... Learn more