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NoSQL Databases Software

Velneo is a Spanish-based software development platform that allows developers to build and deploy custom business applications quickly and easily. It provides a high-level visual development environment that allows developers to... Learn more

Studio 3T is a graphical user interface that helps businesses create and manipulate databases, collections, and documents within a local environment. Users can read or write data, manage indices and views and modify roles or... Learn more

GraphDB is a database management solution that helps businesses in finance, publishing, healthcare and other industries create knowledge graphs and streamline data indexing operations. The built-in NoSQL database system allows IT... Learn more

HarperDB enables you to solve data distribution and latency challenges. It is a turn-key solution for the collection, distribution and analysis of data throughout your organization. As one of the fastest and most flexible... Learn more

Mingo is a full-featured MongoDB admin application running on Win, Linux and Mac. Mingo's documents browser is well organized, fast and intuitive with tons of features. Mingo has everything you need to streamline simple everyday... Learn more

CloverDX Data Management Platform helps businesses get timely, accurate and reliable data whenever and wherever they need it. CloverDX replaces manual data processing typically carried out by workers in Excel with automation,... Learn more

Datasparc offers data security, database management, data governance and data analytics - all in one solution. With Datasparc's flagship product DBHawk, users only receive access to the data they need. DBHawk provides secure... Learn more

Aerospike is a NoSQL database platform, which enables businesses to streamline processes related to cross datacenter replication, load balancing, application monitoring, enterprise security and more on a unified platform.... Learn more

IQLECT is a cloud-based real-time analytics solution for midsize and large businesses that collects and correlates data from apps, servers, databases, sensors and websites. IQLECT is built on event-based architecture that... Learn more

Caché is a database management system designed to help hospitals, banks, and financial services providers design applications using built-in scripting languages. It allows administrators to utilize a multi-model architecture to... Learn more

MarkLogic is an on-premise and cloud-based solution that helps businesses store enterprise data in NonSQL databases to streamline operational and transactional processes. Professionals can connect the platform with various... Learn more