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Remote Patient Monitoring Software

The Updox Communication Platform helps you deliver the best virtual and in-person care so you can focus on what matters most—your patients. Updox works seamlessly with most EMRs, and we provide healthcare providers with improved... Learn more

Teladoc provides cloud-based telemedicine software for hospitals and health systems. Health systems can implement virtual visits using Teladoc’s technology, which connects doctors and patients virtually via the web, telephone... Learn more

Healee helps high-growth medical groups efficiently manage complex physician and team schedules with a robust patient access solution integrated with their EHR. With Healee, healthcare teams attract and retain more patients,... Learn more

eVisit is a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant electronic medical records (EMR) and telemedicine management solution designed for small and midsize medical practices. It caters to urgent care, primary care, pediatrics, mental-health... Learn more

Coviu is an Australian video telehealth solution for video consultations. Coviu allows users to share resources and use the interactive whiteboard feature to explain diagrams, diagnoses and exercises. Coviu also integrates with... Learn more

Humhealth is a group of programs that supports RPM, CCM, AWV, BHI, PCM, TCM, and RTM. Humhealth provides best-in-class, easy-to-use chronic care management services. Humhealth platform ensures the successful completion of all... Learn more

MedBridge is a learning management system for healthcare professionals and organizations. This solution can be used for new employee onboarding, clinical competencies, compliance training, and residency programs. MedBridge helps... Learn more

SPRY Therapeutics, Inc. is the inventor of SPRY EMR, an integrated practice management solution that enables rehab therapy professionals to succeed in practice and in business—from the front desk to clinical operations to the... Learn more

For service-based professionals of many disciplines, UnitusTI is a HIPAA/FERPA/GDPR-compliant, cloud-based, and encrypted practice management system. UnitusTI is multidisciplinary and can be used for ABA therapy, music therapy,... Learn more

Panther is a web-based software designed to help lawyers, astrologers, tutors, fitness coaches and physicians build an online consultation marketplace. Businesses can connect clients with experts via audio or video conferencing,... Learn more

100Plus is a remote patient monitoring solution that helps healthcare institutions streamline operations related to health monitoring across several categories, including heart rate, blood pressure, temperature, pulse and blood... Learn more

Prevounce is a comprehensive cloud-based wellness platform that makes implementing remote patient monitoring, clinical preventive services and chronic care management in your practice easy and efficient. Prevounce technology can... Learn more

DrCare247 is a telemedicine platform that allows you to connect with patients via video chat in order to diagnose and treat various medical conditions. The platform takes data compliance very seriously, following HIPAA and PCI... Learn more

HealthArc is a remote patient monitoring (RPM) solution designed to help hospitals, independent or group practices and accountable care organizations (ACO) manage virtual consultations and streamline communication between... Learn more

WellWink is a cloud base patient relationship management system designed to help medical offices engage with their patient's health and communicate with them more effectively beyond office visit. WellWink provides online... Learn more

KORE One streamlines solution deployments, preventing fragmented platforms, devices, and modules. The platform enables firms to achieve the right mix of technologies for next-generation IoT deployments, completely independent of... Learn more

Synzi combines video, email and secure messaging communication modalities for healthcare organizations to address specific patient needs easily, efficiently, and seamlessly. Synzi uses a sophisticated platform and configurable... Learn more