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Data finds purpose with Squirro, the first enterprise-ready generative AI for search, insights, and automation. Squirro develops top-notch Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) and Semantic Search technology with access to an... Learn more

My AskAI is a cloud-based AI platform that helps SaaS businesses create customer support chatbots using their websites and knowledge bases. If the AI can't answer it will pass the user over to a human. All conversations are... Learn more

INSIDE is a live chat solution designed to help businesses in eCommerce, retail, travel, government and finance sectors connect with customers via chatbot, email, SMS, video call and other communication channels. Agents can... Learn more

Use your dedicated assistant to help you focus on your core activities by having them take over busy work such as Basic Research, Data Entry, Social Media Management, Lead Generation, etc. Additional services like specialized... Learn more

Haptik is a conversational AI platform designed to help businesses in telecom, travel, hospitality, financial services and eCommerce industries manage customer experiences using omnichannel virtual assistants. Professionals can... Learn more

Yellow.ai is a leading provider of generative AI-powered customer service automation, dedicated to transforming how enterprises engage with their customers. Our platform enables businesses to create memorable and impactful... Learn more

Streamline your entire coaching business using Practice: Get paid your way • Create products and packages • Send invoices easily • Manage subscriptions Connect multiple calendars • Integrate multiple google calendars. •... Learn more

Boost.ai is a cloud-based and on-premise conversational AI platform that empowers banks, credit unions, telecom service providers and other enterprises to design, deploy and manage chatbots to automate interactions with customers... Learn more

Conversica is an intelligent virtual assistant that engages in two-way conversations with your customers on your behalf. Conversica's Intelligent Virtual Assistants (IVAs) autonomously engage your leads, prospects, and customers... Learn more

With each patient visit, Tali, an AI virtual assistant, helps time-constrained doctors. Tali uses different medical systems (EMRs) and electronic health records (EHRs) in her profession. It makes clinical notes, takes dictation,... Learn more

For fashion retailers aiming to minimise refunds and enhance profitability, Prime AI presents its Size Finder technology. This cutting-edge solution not only makes apparel and footwear retailing more eco-friendly but also... Learn more

Sup's primary goal is to optimize team members' time by automating repetitive update meetings like stand-ups, what went well retrospectives, and more. With its integrated holiday management system, Sup! ensures efficient holiday... Learn more

Zoee is a coaching solution created by coaching experts and technical professionals. It's designed to help coaches with a toolkit for streamlined business management. Zoee provides a set of tools that improves business management... Learn more

Kore.ai is an on-premise and cloud-based conversational AI platform that helps businesses across airlines, healthcare, telecom, banking, insurance, retail, and other industries automate customer interactions via a unified portal.... Learn more

Exceed.ai helps businesses engage, nurture, follow up, qualify every inbound opportunity, and schedule meetings for sales at scale without the busywork. The AI assistants will play a vital role in marketing and sales teams by... Learn more

Leena AI is an artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled conversational platform designed to help organizations deploy an automated helpdesk with a virtual assistant to improve employee engagement. The platform allows enterprises to... Learn more

isLucid is a meeting management software that provides real-time transcription, marks tasks, bookmarks, and meeting minutes for efficient task management, and improves team collaboration by managing all meeting information in a... Learn more

Feeling overwhelmed by resident inquiries and repetitive tasks? STAN AI, a top-rated solution on Software Advice, is your key to a more streamlined and efficient property management experience. This innovative virtual assistant... Learn more


Ada helps businesses create Artificial Intelligence (AI)-enabled chatbots to streamline customer support and communication processes. It offers customization tools, which allows organizations to improve customer engagement using... Learn more

Ambivo is a cloud-based customer relationship management software that helps businesses automate lead capture, send appointment reminders, import contact lists, and more on a unified platform. Key features include task allocation,... Learn more