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Partner Management Software

Kiflo is a partner relationship management solution designed to assist businesses with deal registrations, partner onboarding, lead sharing, reward programs, and more. Administrators can accept or refuse deals according to... Learn more

Hifive transforms the way professionals navigate LinkedIn's networking landscape. It empowers users with a user-friendly interface that simplifies introduction requests and employs automation to enhance the quality and efficiency... Learn more

Affise is a performance marketing management solution that allows businesses of all sizes to manage and track the performance of affiliates across marketing campaigns. With its administrative dashboard, professionals can view the... Learn more

Stacker is a no-code development application that helps small to large businesses create custom applications and populate data through integration with Airtable and Google Sheets. Enterprises can provide a white-label portal to... Learn more

Swaarm provides innovative and easy-to-use ad-tracking software that helps leading global agencies, advertisers, and partner networks unlock the potential of their performance marketing, through the power of automation. Swaarm is... Learn more

Allbound offers a channel management platform for organizations looking to build or expand indirect sales channels that include resellers, distributors, VARs, agents, dealers, OEMs, ISVs and systems integrators. With Allbound,... Learn more

Unifize takes a totally different approach to quality management operations. It is infinitely configurable to every quality process, meaning we map to your processes and not the other way around. Unifize brings people, processes... Learn more

Kademi is a cloud-based PRM software that provides various tools to businesses to manage, create, segment, and customize internal stakeholders' analytical data on a unified platform. The solution allows users to plan, launch and... Learn more

Relavate is a cloud-based partner relationship management (PRM), facilitating businesses in efficiently managing their reseller, referral, affiliate, and implementation partner programs. Prioritizing the streamlining of the... Learn more

MaxBill Utility SaaS is a modern billing and CRM management designed for multi-utility suppliers and service providers. This end-t-end solution offers a full suite of modules to automate revenue management, invoicing and... Learn more