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Address Verification Software

Global-Z verifies global postal addresses for 240+ countries. Every country's address format is unique, and correctly typing a global postal address is difficult. Data capture errors result in the mail or package delivery... Learn more

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Small address mistakes can become big problems for organizations. With inaccurate or insufficient address data in your customer database, you'll likely encounter billing inaccuracies, client shipping issues, increased risk... Learn more

MAILERS+4 is a mailroom management and address verification solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to data cleansing, address printing, mail sorting processes, and more from within a unified platform. It... Learn more

Woosmap is a geolocation API platform that offers search functionality, maps, distance calculation and background location-detection capabilities. It provides access to location data using geocoding capabilities. Woosmap... Learn more

ComplyCube is a solution for any business looking to comply with identity verification, anti-money laundering (AML), and know your customer (KYC) regulations. ComplyCube enables businesses to verify customers, improving trust... Learn more


Lob is a cloud-based mailing and print solution for omni-channel marketers and direct mail operators. From creation to production to delivery, our solution automates what is typically a very manual process, making sending... Learn more

iBridge is the Next Gen background verification platform with an unblemished record of cutting the overall TAT by up to 80%. A flagship BGV software trusted by more than 2000 enterprises and SMBs, this platform has been thoughtful... Learn more

Placekey is a free and open universal standard identifier for any physical place so that the data pertaining to those places can be shared across organizations easily. Placekey creates a common industry standard for identifying... Learn more

ShipConsole is a multi-carrier shipping solution that integrates Oracle Applications into major parcel and freight carriers. ShipConsole will automatically read the weight from your scale and automatically prints carrier-compliant... Learn more

Loqate is the global leader in address verification – We set the industry standard by developing the most advanced software for capturing, verifying and enriching address data in 249 countries and territories. With over 130... Learn more

A cybersecurity business called Gataca offers decentralized digital identification technology. Generate and digitally sign identity credentials in a defined format to issue verified credentials. Create customizable verification... Learn more

Experience Under, your go-to solution for seamless customer onboarding in finance. Craft tailored forms with ease, complete with electronic signatures for genuine digital setup. Dive deeper with KYC, KYB, and credit checks, all... Learn more