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Business Card Software

Canva is a cloud-based graphic design tool used to create on-brand marketing content, sales presentations, training videos and more by companies of all sizes. This solution includes features such as drag-and-drop design and photo... Learn more

Popl is a digital business card platform for teams. Send your digital business card via text message, email, Airdrop, email signatures, Zoom backgrounds, iPhone widgets and more. The platform integrates with 4,000+ apps which... Learn more

Weel is Australia’s leading spend management solution, helping finance teams to save time, increase reporting compliance and prevent overspending across all expenditure. Our instant virtual cards and mobile reimbursement tools... Learn more

Volopay provides complete control by combining approvals, corporate cards, bill payments, expense reimbursements, and accounting automation into one single platform. It is designed to redefine how businesses spend money. By... Learn more

eCard is a cloud-based business card solution that lets users create their professional e-cards, manage sharing processes, and more from a unified platform. Businesses provide free eCards that you can simply personalize with your... Learn more

Manage all your employees' email signatures from one interface. Design a new template using a powerful and user-friendly tool. Create entities, groups, and users and spread your marketing campaigns to reinforce your corporate... Learn more

Doorway provides digital business cards for both individuals and organizations. The QR codes on Doorway cards allow for seamless contact sharing without needing an app or internet connection. When scanned, a Doorway instantly... Learn more

Desygner is a graphic design solution, which enables businesses to distribute, store and organize digital assets and create, edit or design content across social media posts, presentations, flyers and advertisements. Desygner... Learn more

Designing a stunning document was never this easy! DocHipo is a free graphic design tool that meets all your document designing needs. From presentations to posters to infographics to flyers to social posts, DocHipo offers tons... Learn more

Brandly is a cloud-based business card solution designed to help enterprises create, edit, order and manage custom business cards. It offers a host of features such as employee self-serve, multiple payment options, approval... Learn more

Haystack is a digital business card platform that offers contactless virtual business cards, allowing sales teams, recruiters, entrepreneurs, and executives across various industries to share professional details digitally. ... Learn more

Viva.com is Europe’s first acquirer powering payments across 24 countries and 1.165+ devices. Viva.com offers multilingual support, allowing businesses to connect with customers in preferred language from German and English to... Learn more