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Email Archiving Software

SpamTitan is a spam filtering solution that caters to businesses, managed service providers (MSPs) and schools to help them to block spam, viruses, malware, ransomware, phishing attempts and other email threats. The solution can... Learn more

eM Client is a fully-featured desktop email client for Windows and macOS. Beyond email management, the system also offers features for management of calendars, tasks, events, contacts and notes, and integrates chat. The... Learn more

SMTP2GO is a cloud-based email delivery platform that helps deliver and track emails. Its features include setup assistance, feedback loops, blacklist monitoring, spam trap detection, real-time analytics, weekly summaries and... Learn more

Keepit is a backup platform that provides organizations with a private infrastructure to protect data across Microsoft 365 cloud platforms, such as OneDrive, SharePoint, Teams, Exchange, Public Folders, and Groups. Learn more

Escala is a customer relationship management marketing automation solution that allows businesses to streamline advertising efforts. Users can create and edit professional emails using a drag-and-drop interface and templates.... Learn more

LeanMail sets the benchmark for the efficient and effective management of email by offering tools and training that maximize the ratio of time and effort to action and tangible results. LeanMail exponentially increases the... Learn more

N-able Mail Assure is a cloud-based email security solution designed to help businesses secure incoming and outgoing emails. The protection and filtering engine uses machine learning to protect against various online threats such... Learn more

Mithi is on a mission to provide Data Advantage for every enterprise. Making technology more useful, useable, and affordable has been an enduring vision for Mithi. Maintaining visibility, access, and control of enterprise... Learn more

MailJerry is an application that provided a fast, easy and secure way to migrate your email data. Just download the software (available for Mac OS, Windows, iOS and Android), enter the credentials of your old and new email... Learn more

Sageflo Archiver is the ultimate search engine for your marketing communications. Archiver stores a copy of each unique email, SMS, or print collateral sent to an individual customer, allowing marketing, contact center, legal,... Learn more