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Farm Management Software

Agworld is a farm management software that helps businesses visually plan crops, track progress throughout the season, and stay connected with service providers. Administrators can gain real-time visibility into crop health and... Learn more

The Animal Welfare App is a comprehensive animal care software designed for zoos, animal sanctuaries, and wildlife rehabilitation centers. It provides tools for managing all aspects of animal care and facility operations. The... Learn more

AGRIVI allows teams to create a digital twin of the farm and manage all field activities, finance, inventory and workforce with just one platform easily accessible anytime, even offline. Gain deep insights into best performing... Learn more

AgriXP is an online software that allows businesses to record all crop activities and create a step-by-step timeline report of interventions. The crop budget and crop production cost calculation center is very intuitive and helps... Learn more

Troly brings together the tools needed to run stock, sales and brand the way that is intended. Troly manages warehouse inventory to reduce costs and optimize fulfillment, improves customer communications, and controls product... Learn more

MyFarm is a farm management solution that helps users handle agricultural activities. Farmers can monitor preventive and corrective maintenance of machinery, supplies, and hours worked. Users can control inputs and movements in... Learn more

MyCrops is an agricultural management software solution designed to help farms and agricultural businesses of all sizes. It includes mobile apps for scouting, task management, and compliance in the field MyCrops provides an... Learn more