Blue 360 Degree Feedback is a cloud-based solution suitable for businesses of any size. The solution enables users to assess performance on the basis of skills, competencies and behavior. Users can gather input from internal as... Learn more

Keatext is a cloud-based AI-powered customer experience and feedback analytics platform designed for medium and large-sized companies. The robust analytics tool provides clarity on unstructured customer feedback by aggregating... Learn more

Netigate is a cloud-based feedback management company founded in 2005. Companies can listen to their customers, employees and the market with Netigate’s survey platform to enhance their own processes, products and services. Scie... Learn more

Wootric is a cloud-based customer experience and feedback management software that helps measure and enhance client satisfaction. Primarily catering small to large businesses, the platform uses artificial intelligence to provide... Learn more

Retamo is an online review and reputation management solution, which enables businesses to generate and monitor customer ratings across multiple platforms such as Airbnb, Glassdoor, Expedia and more. Professionals can create... Learn more

SurveyOL is a survey creation application that can be used by businesses to create surveys of any type. The application comes with built-in survey templates that users can customize to meet the specific requirements of companies.... Learn more

eNPS is a cloud-based solution designed to help businesses monitor employees’ experiences through NPS surveys. Professionals can use the dashboard to track and gain insights into the total survey releases, submissions, and... Learn more

Refiner is a customer survey solution for data-driven SaaS companies. Their highly customizable microsurvey widgets enable SaaS businesses to easily track customer satisfaction, profile and segment their users, or research what... Learn more


DeepTone Insights Anywhere is a web-based speech analytics SDK designed to help businesses detect speech, gender and language to gain insights into various metrics in human speech. Key features include audio capture, voice... Learn more

ClearlyRated is a web-based solution that helps accountants, lawyers and HR managers calculate net promoter score, measure client satisfaction and handle organizations’ reputation on a unified platform. It offers an online... Learn more

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Touchpoint CX is a cloud-based customer experience (CX) management platform that consolidates voice of customer (VoC) feedback data in a unified dashboard. It provides an interactive resolution system and analytics reporting... Learn more

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Momentive provides agile experience management solutions to business leaders facing complex challenges. The AI-powered Momentive platform combines market insights, brand insights, customer experience, product experience and... Learn more

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Make better business decisions with data and feedback and receive automated suggestions for improvement. Get a 360º overview of the satisfaction and feedback of your stakeholders and the data of your online presence and receive... Learn more

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Collect feedback from your customers and employees in real-time using Surveyapp. Listen to their feedback and experiences, and take the actions that will optimise your company’s success. With various channels such as our offline... Learn more

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Reptrics is a customer success platform that helps success teams operationalize the post sales customer journey. We use an out of the box solution that proactively identifies customer risk, promotes customer adoption, advocacy,... Learn more

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