ArcGIS is a mapping and analytics solution that helps businesses in healthcare, banking, manufacturing and other industries manage field operations, data collection, visualization, workflow configuration and more. Field workers... Learn more

simPRO is a powerful job management software solution created by trade contractors, for trade contractors. If your business struggles with quoting multi-stage projects, managing inventory, communicating with technicians, or any... Learn more

Nrby's location intelligence software allows you and your team to digitize existing manual processes to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your data. Easily capture, share and take action on your data, all in one place.... Learn more

BOSS811 is a utility management software designed to help municipalities, contract locators and businesses in the utility sector manage service tickets, facility mapping and reporting operations. The platform enables administrator... Learn more

Developed by geospatial experts with a passion for data analytics, Maply is super easy to use and requires no to minimum training. It is made for professionals and big enterprises as well as students, teachers, small and medium... Learn more

Mapline is a cloud-based mapping platform that assists in building maps from spreadsheets and pasting it in the tool. Designed for academics, banking, insurance, manufacturing, retail and real estate industries, it helps manage... Learn more

SaferMe is an online risk mitigation and safety management solution that offers location-aware and real-time risk reporting tools to ensure employee safety. The tool helps organizations engage with employees in the workplace and... Learn more

Maptive is a mapping solution that helps businesses create sales territories based on multiple methodologies, including boundary mapping, heatmaps and demographic mapping, among other categories. It allows users to use a... Learn more

ZeeMaps is a geographic information system (GIS) that helps organizations design interactive maps and publish them across websites, blogs and forums. The application allows businesses to optimize routes, display traffic overlays,... Learn more

Utilizing the most current GIS technology, MapRight’s intuitive application provides businesses, realtors, and individuals with the tools they need to create maps. The platform offers an array of customization options, including... Learn more

SAGA is an open-source geographic information system (GIS) that enables users to capture, represent, process and analyze geographical information. The platform enables geoscientists to streamline operations related to spatial... Learn more

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Matidor is a map-based project management and collaboration platform which has been developed to directly address a need in the field services industry. It helps facilitate the complex relationship between oil & gas industry... Learn more

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Mapcreator offers an intuitive mapping interface which doesn't require any prior mapping or cartography knowledge, enabling users to create custom maps. Mapcreator's different features support multiple use cases: creating a... Learn more

(0 reviews) is a map-based project documentation and storytelling platform. Imagine you want to present your forest, agroforest, conservation, or landscape restoration project to potential funders. Instead of traveling to the... Learn more

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Create unlimited forms or checklists without any code using Fielda. The application promises an easy-to-use interface to manage assets' inspection, installation, and maintenance. In addition, Fielda helps teams create custom... Learn more

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A complete solution to generate more in-store traffic. It helps increase sales by guiding customers to the product. The white-labeled solution designed to drive more footfall enables teams to book appointments and generate... Learn more

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Many organizations are attempting to digitally transform their asset inspection programs due to the many cost, safety and efficiency benefits the digitization process conveys, but the amount of data involved and its unstructured... Learn more

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