Open is a cloud-based solution that helps startups and small to medium businesses manage virtual accounts, expenses, taxes, payments, invoices and other operations via a unified portal. The platform enables enterprises to manage... Learn more

Pilot is a cloud-based accounting solution that assists small to medium-sized businesses with financial reporting and cash flow analysis. Its key features include accounts payable/receivable, bookkeeping, data export, expense... Learn more

Pandle is a cloud-based accounting solution for small businesses across the UK. The platform helps streamline accounting activities including invoicing, quotations, receipt uploads, payroll services and tax estimations. Pandle... Learn more

Your Digital showroom can be set up in minutes (even without punching all the inventory items in your shop) and you can choose to either take orders or just enquiries. BuKu is a super simple money manager & digital business... Learn more

DAVO is a sales tax management solution designed to help businesses automatically set sales tax aside daily using data from various point of sale (POS) systems. The application enables organizations to automatically file and pay... Learn more

Companies suffer with finances. It is a process of many efforts and little satisfaction. We believe in the need for the CFO/business leader to understand the past, in order to solve the future. Clay is a world of technological... Learn more

Quipu is the integrated management solution designed to simplify and automate the accounting, financial and tax operations of businesses. You can create any type of invoice in a matter of seconds, obtaining a clear view of the... Learn more

mesha is a comprehensive platform designed to effectively handle the financial operations of your global startup. If you're seeking robust multi-entity management software that addresses your accounting requirements, cash flow... Learn more

Spenfi is a cloud-based spending management solution for companies that are looking to automate their financial operations. With Spenfi, finance teams can issue IBANs in EUR, USD and GBP and get digital wallets for other... Learn more

With Billit businesses can digitalize, centralize, and automate billing processes. Users can upload expenses and receipts and gain insights into their finances through dashboards. Users can grant accountants access to all... Learn more

Designed for freelancers and sole proprietors, Indy is a cloud-based software that helps manage income, track expenses, view transactions, and handle other accounting processes from a centralized platform. It lets staff members... Learn more

Acumen is a software solution designed for small, medium, and growing retailers. The integrated solution includes applications for point of Sale, stock management, customer management, ecommerce, and accounting. Acumen provides... Learn more

Centime is a financial forecasting solution that connects directly to your General Ledger and can help businesses monitor and control cash flow. Using machine learning technology, Centime uses the data from your General Ledger to... Learn more

Hoggo offers all businesses a 100% free platform with features going from onboarding, attendance management, bookeeping, offboarding and even the management of insurance benefits. Intuitive, the platform centralizes the... Learn more

Quanto® is a software in the cloud that allows financial institutions to automate their processes, improve their productivity and achieve their strategic objectives. It allows to operate a wide range of financial products such as... Learn more

Akounto is a cloud-based accounting and bookkeeping software designed to help businesses manage and streamline their financial data. With simple features like bank account linking, invoicing, and real-time profit tracking, enjoy... Learn more

Fincent is an online bookkeeping and financial management software for US-based small business owners. Key features include payment automation, outsourced tax preparation, and tax filing. Fincent lets stakeholders store invoices,... Learn more

QBILLY is an accounts payable (AP) automation software that helps nonprofits and small to midsize businesses streamline various administrative operations such as processing of payments, approval of invoices, and more via a... Learn more

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Osome is a fintech company that automates financial administrative tasks for entrepreneurs — helping them focus on building their businesses and not on boring paperwork. We offer a suite of online services that automate routine... Learn more

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CollBox is a web-based debt collection solution that helps businesses view past-due accounts and send invoices to verified debt collection agencies in real-time. It allows organizations to handle accounting, bookkeeping, data... Learn more

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WellyBox is a cloud-based solution that helps businesses manage receipts and generate expense reports on a centralized platform. Professionals can upload receipts on the platform or automatically scan them from business emails.... Learn more

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Cratoflow is an integrated platform that performs automated data entry, advanced reconciliation algorithms, and customizable workflows, which syncs directly to an accounting system for complete financials. The platform has a... Learn more

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Moneypex is a bookkeeping and accounting solution that helps businesses streamline processes related to expense management, supplier tracking, financial reporting, inventory management, and other operations on a centralized... Learn more

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Digitoo is a cloud-based application that automates and digitalizes the accounting process without the need for manual data entry. Data are automatically extracted from received invoices by AI and prepared to be sent to your... Learn more

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SynkBooks is a cloud-based bookkeeping tool designed for small businesses. It is ideal for bookkeepers, account managers, CPAs, truckers, pet store managers, manufacturers, and attorneys. The tool automatically imports transaction... Learn more

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